Shoplifter walks into local hardware store, walks out with $550 leaf blower

Posted at 6:17 PM, Mar 13, 2017

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - Clear surveillance video shows it all: a man walks into a local hardware store off Warwick Blvd. and walks out with a $550 leaf blower.

"Ran to his truck, threw it in the back and took off," said Brian Deaver, the owner of Ace Hardware. 

According to Newport News Police, it happened Friday. The suspect took off heading northbound and made a right on Middlesex Road.

However, the shoplifter did not know Deaver is a big believer in surveillance video. Deaver said it didn't take long until thousands of people were looking for the shoplifter.

"I've learned that social media works. I had on one video, the video I put on my facebook page has 25,000 views," said Deaver. 

Now, Deaver just wants the shoplifter caught.

"It’s upsetting for sure that you spend all your time and everything, money building a business and someone walks in and takes stuff right from you," said Deaver. 

Newport News Police are currently investigating. No arrests have been made yet.