Athletic group warning shoppers of fake fundraiser in Chesapeake

Posted at 2:27 PM, Mar 15, 2017

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - Fake fliers and rude young men are putting a Chesapeake athletic association and mentorship program in a bad light, according to Coach Don Garces with the 757 Seahawks.

Coach Garces says several young men are going to shopping centers across Hampton Roads, asking for money to help the organization, but they are not part of the program.

"They don't have on any apparel from the 757 Seahawks nothing what so ever," said Coach Garces. "I'm hurt, I'm very hurt, and angry."

Garces says the group of young men were spotted Tuesday night at the Greenbrier shopping center by a player's parent. They snapped pictures of the fake fliers and the men passing them out.

"I know everyone has hardships but there are also right ways to go about getting money," said Garces. "Don't do it the wrong way, there are teenager jobs out here you can do. We can put you into those programs."

While Garces doesn't want the young men to get in trouble, he does want them to stop, because their actions are severely hurting the organization and making it harder for them to raise money for the helmets they need for next season.

"For these people to be out here doing it, we start going to these locations and try to talk to the stores manager and set up a fundraiser outside in that location they [stores] be like 'no, ya'll have already been out here'."

Garces says anytime his organization does a fundraiser, parents and players are out dressed in 757 Seahawks gear.

They also typically sell items instead of just asking for donations. He says if you do not see that, it's not his organization.