Waverly mayor indicted on 12 election fraud charges

Posted at 12:38 PM, Mar 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-16 12:38:34-04

WAVERLY, Va. – The mayor of Waverly is facing a dozen felony charges of election fraud.

Mayor Walter Mason was indicted by a grand jury Tuesday night, following allegations that were investigated by the Virginia State Police.

The 12 indictments of election fraud have offense dates from Feb. 9, 2016 to April 18, 2016.

On May 4, CBS 6 ran a story about a family concerned over the signature of a dead relative on an absentee ballot application dated Feb 9.

That date corresponds with one of the offense dates alleged against Mason, but investigators will not provide any details about the current charges.

Shortly after the dates in question, Mason was re-elected to office.

CBS 6 Reporter Wayne Covil went to the Waverly Town Hall to speak with Mr. Mason, and he relayed through a town clerk that he had "no comment."

"You don't have people pulling together, and it makes it really bad,” said resident Teresa Cox, fearing that the town has fallen on tough times.

For others, a small town mayor involved in such a big scandal has other consequences.

"It makes it hard to trust anybody, small town like this, it makes it hard to trust anybody,” said Waverly resident Deon Jones.

A special prosecutor from Botetourt County will handle the case. The next court date is set for April 12.

Most residents in the small town were completely unaware of the charges.

"It doesn't even surprise me, things always happening like that around here,” said Markita Taylor.

"We put so much time and effort to vote for somebody to actually change stuff around here,” Jones said.

"You want to be able to up hold the law and you want people to do right, and it's very sad -- and his wife is a preacher,” Cox said.