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Hickory High softball coach Ryan Wieck to be named Chesapeake Coach of the Year

Posted at 12:11 AM, Apr 03, 2017

Ryan Wieck coaching on the sidelines during a game vs. Lakeland

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - If you've been involved in the Chesapeake softball scene in the last 21 years, you've probably heard about the Hickory Hawks. Since the school opened in 1996, Ryan Wieck has been the head coach, and has led the Hawks to numerous accolades.

His teams have won eight district titles, five regional championships, and three state championship game appearances. During every game if you look down at his right hand, you'll see his 2008 state championship ring reflecting the sunlight off of it.

"Once we put on our uniforms, step out on the field, and the umpire says play, they're doing it all," said Wieck humbly. "This award is a testament to the work that they put in."

As much work and success the Hawks have had on the diamond in Wieck's 21 years, his impact off the field has been just as monumental. "Kids that I've coached, I've been to their weddings, I've been to their college graduations, there's some, that I've seen their children," Wieck said.

It's the satisfaction of helping impact lives through the Hickory softball family, that makes this award that much sweeter for Wieck. "I'm sure there were better candidates,