After Chesapeake tornado, woman searches for good Samaritan who helped her

Posted at 8:17 PM, Apr 07, 2017

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - A woman is looking for the good Samaritan who helped her right after a car crash near where a tornado touched down.

Taylor Harlow said she had no idea a tornado was up ahead of her on Battlefield Blvd. Just a little earlier, her Mom had told her to wait a little while before leaving for work from Moyock.

“It started pouring rain here so she was like just wait, I don’t want you going yet. so I said okay I'll wait," said Harlow.

Once the rain calmed down, Harlow left for work. Then the car in front of her suddenly braked and she rear-ended it. A chain reaction started and multiple cars ended up being involved in the crash.

"I'm like sitting there shaking and started freaking out and crying and she stayed there and comforted me and hugged me," said Harlow, who added the good Samaritan also checked on the drivers of the other cars as well.

Harlow said the woman stayed with her until police and firefighters arrived. But during the chaos, Harlow did not get the chance to properly thank her.

"I felt bad for not thanking her because she calmed me down a lot," said Harlow. Now, she's hoping to reconnect with the woman.