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Norfolk Police partner with faith based community members for ‘Clergy Patrol’

Posted at 3:34 PM, Apr 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-10 15:34:39-04

NORFOLK, Va. – Norfolk Police and local faith based community members will be teaming up to patrol streets in a new way.

On April 1 the Norfolk Police Department unveiled a new citizen engagement program called the Clergy Patrol.

The Clergy Patrol is the first of several community actions Norfolk officer’s and clergy will participate in under NPACT, Norfolk Police and Clergy Together.

On Friday and Saturday nights an officer and member of Norfolk’s faith based community will ride as partners in each of the city’s 3 patrol division’s, from 8 p.m. – Midnight, in a patrol vehicle marked ‘Clergy Patrol.’

Clergy may provide words of comfort or prayers, in the wake of a critical response incident, or community unrest.

Police said clergy will not be placed in harm’s way at any time during the ride-along.

The goal of the Clergy Patrol is to strengthen the combined reach of police and faith based communities to deter crime, police said.

Officer’s and clergy will work to help foster safer communities through active engagement with residents and worshipers, and to develop relationships for mutual respect.

Police Chief, Larry Boone said the ride-along initiative with the clergy community is a win for all. “This is a partnership with great reach. No other professions are able to touch as many lives on a daily, or weekly basis as partners of peace and safety.”

A dozen clergy have participated over the first two weekends of Clergy Patrol.

If you are a member of the Norfolk clergy community and wish to work in partnership with the Norfolk Police Clergy Patrol call (757) 390-1954.