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6-year-old boy recognized by Franklin City for saving a life

Posted at 9:44 PM, Apr 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-24 23:25:59-04

FRANKLIN, Va. - A 6-year-old boy who helped save a man's life was recognized by city council Monday night.

Karter Thorpe received a challenge coin and Civic Duty Award from the Franklin Police Department in front of City Council.

Karter Thorpe

Thursday, March 23, Karter Thorpe was driving through the Lowe's parking lot with his grandmother, or 'Mimi' as he calls her, when he noticed a man lying on the ground.

"He's a very extraordinary boy. I don't think many children his age would have noticed something like that and thought something's not right," said Corporal Kevin Muse, the first officer to respond to the scene. Muse believes if it weren't for Karter's actions, the man wouldn't be alive today.

However, this isn't Karter's first award. News 3 gave him a People Taking Action Award a few weeks ago.

Corporal Muse believes it's crucial to make sure Karter was recognized for his actions.

"It may allow other people to realize if I do something good, I may get recognized and have more people do good in the world," said Corporal Muse.

Karter said he plans on keeping his new challenge coin in a safe place, except he may bring it to school to show his friends. So what's next?

"I  do believe I owe him an ice cream, so whenever he's available we can make a trip to Dairy Queen so him and I can share an ice cream together," said Corporal Muse.

Karter told News 3's Kim Cung his favorite flavor is chocolate.