Delta passenger kicked off flight after bathroom emergency

Posted at 12:37 PM, Apr 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-27 20:55:54-04

MILWAUKEE – Passengers recorded video of a man being kicked off a Delta flight to Milwaukee last week after he used the bathroom while the plane was preparing for takeoff.

Kima Hamilton says the plane was delayed and he couldn’t wait any longer to use the restroom.

“Sometime later, we’re still taxied. The plane hadn’t moved and it’s at an emergency stage now.”

Fellow passenger and lawyer Krista Rosolino was sitting next to Hamilton and started recording because she didn’t feel Delta was treating Hamilton like a person.

“I’ve seen this happen on planes before and never heard of someone being removed.”

On the video, Hamilton tells the first worker: “It’s almost ironic that we don’t have the ten minutes to have this conversation, but we have an hour and a half to stall everyone.”

After a second Delta worker talks to Kima for several minutes, Kima decides to leave – and he’s greeted by FBI agents who decide not to arrest him.

“He said he came to arrest me, but after our conversation, he realized that some of the language that was associated with my name wasn’t accurate.”

Delta refunded part of Hamilton’s ticket cost – but he was left to find his own way back home to Milwaukee.