Family adopts 7 siblings: It’s ‘important to keep them together’

Posted at 11:33 PM, May 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-11 23:33:57-04

SPRINGFIELD, Georgia -- A family of three is now a family of ten after a mom and dad adopted 7 siblings.

The four girls and three boys were in the foster care system for three years.

"We had the opportunity to give the kids a loving home to be a part of and have value when we met the seven, the super 7 and important to keep them together," Josh Clark, father, told WTOC.

The seven children join the Clark's biological child, three-year-old, Noah.

Mom, Jessaka Clark, said it was very natural to adopt. "My parents were foster parents for most of my life, then house parents at a children's house, so we always had 10-12 children in the house."

The children are Maria, 14; Elizabet, 11; Duillermo, 10; Jason, 8; Kristina, 7; Katerin, 7; and James, 5.

Jessaka said they started calling her and her husband "mom" and "dad" the first time they all met.  "I knew they were my kids. I immediately knew I wanted to be their mom. You both kind of have to fall in love with each other," she told CBS News.