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Newport News School District paves the way for future school bus transportation

Posted at 3:29 PM, May 11, 2017

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - They may look like ordinary school buses, but there's a green sticker that identifies them as Blue Bird Vision Propane buses.

Newport News Public School District put 24 new buses on the road in February.

"In the long run we thought this was a great fit for Newport News," said transportation supervisor, Shay Coates.

Coates said that the buses are cost effective and save schools nearly $20,000 a year between engine parts and maintenance.

Coates added, "For oil changes it takes seventeen quarts to fill a diesel bus. With a propane bus it only takes seven quarts of oil."

The Blue Bird Vision Propane buses are also environmentally friendly. They emit less carbon emissions into the air.

Bus drivers tell News 3 that the ride is a lot smoother.

"They're a lot more comfortable to ride, they're a lot more fluid in their motions, fluid in turning, steering of the bus," said bus driver, Benjamin Jingles.

A school bus that runs on diesel fuel typically has a loud engine. However, a Blue Bird Vision Propane bus has a quieter engine that makes it a lot easier for bus drivers to communicate with students on the bus.

Jingles mentioned, "I try to help my kids notice the difference the noise level like--hey the engine is not as loud, y'all don't have to be so loud. So they do notice a difference."

The Newport News School District hopes to have their entire fleet of 300 school buses running on propane fuel very soon.