Suspected Virginia Beach arsonist caught on surveillance cameras

Posted at 5:24 PM, May 11, 2017

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Home surveillance cameras captured an act of arson in a Green Run neighborhood.

In the video you can see one person slowly walk across Rembrandt Court to a home on the other side of the road. Minutes later flames take over the front of the home, where Wayne Diveris was inside with his family.

"When I came down it had already grown above the bay window," Diveris explained. "I just thank God that I was able to put it out before it got too high for me to actually put out."

Diveris said his wife was the one who alerted him to the flames.

"She found out that the outside shingles of the house were actually on fire. She came up and woke up everyone."

According to fire investigators, the person seen in the video slowly walking away from the home, is likely the person responsible for lighting the home on fire just before midnight on April 17.

The family told News 3 they only found about their neighbor's surveillance video a few days ago.

They said they have no idea who the person in the footage is. The family also said they have no idea why they would want to set their home on fire, potentially injuring or even killing them.

"Since we keep to ourselves we don`t have any company coming over or anything of that nature here it kind of bewilders us," explained Diveris. "With the way that our front door and stair case are, had the front of the house caught on fire no one would have been able to get out of the front. I would have had to force everyone to  try and escape from the rear."

With the accused arsonist is still on the loose, the family had to take some protective measures in order to feel safe again in their own home.

"After living here for four years, for about a week or two we lost that security. Now with the security system here we are very happy."

If you know who the person in the surveillance video is, take action and call the Virginia Beach Fire Marshal's Office.