Mother’s Day Makeovers! Pampering Mom before her special day!

Posted at 9:52 AM, May 12, 2017

NORFOLK, Va. - Mother's Day is right around the corner and News 3 This Morning wanted to do something special. We wanted to give back to three local moms with a day of beauty at AOC Salon in Virginia Beach. Our moms had a chance to sit back, relax and receive the royal treatment just in time for Mother's Day.

News 3's Kristen Crowley gathered her #Glamsquad and treated these special ladies to a full makeover.

Meet our moms!

Anita, a mother of three, went all out and chopped her hair into a sassy new bob. Her stylist Carrie Jo Johnson freshened her up with some new color to bring out her new style . Dervelle Harris, a stylist and makeup artist at AOC, highlighted her naturally stunning features with pops of shimmer and shine. She looked amazing! Anita grew up here and spent many years coaching high school cheer leading. She spends her days working but her kids are her number one priority.

Kristina is a mom of two very adorable little girl ages three and six. She said she rarely gets time to herself as a working mom with a husband who pulls in nearly ninety hours a week at the shipyard. Kristina opts to hit the gym or the grocery store but never takes time out for a day of beauty like this. She worked with Ashley Dawn at AOC Salon and opted for a bright summer look and kept her gorgeous locks longer. Dervelle went with a natural makeup that complimented her youthful glow and she looked stunning!

Our third mom is Dilly. Dilly is a devoted and proud mother of one. Her daughter Marissa is her light and joy. She lost her husband two years ago to cancer. Shortly after he passed, they lost their family home. Dilly rallied her daughter, who was finishing college, and found a new home in Virginia Beach. Her daughter Marissa told News 3 her mother is the most selfless human being she knows. She would wake up at 4 AM every morning of her life to make home cooked meals for her and her father, as well as their older neighbors and even her teachers at school. She gushed telling us about her late father and how blessed they are. Dilly spent so many years taking care of others she did not take time for herself. Her stylist Alicia Bevins went for a beautiful bob and new color to bring her hair back to life. Makeup artist Dervelle painted Dilly's face in a gorgeous palette of lilac and plum and really extenuated her beaming smile. Dilly told us she felt so blessed and so beautiful!

A special thank you to owners Brian and Dalbe Markman of AOC Salon and their amazing staff for donating their time and services! They were kind enough to give our moms some special gifts too! They really spent time making our moms feel special just in time for Mother's Day and it shows! All three of our moms were stunning and ready to celebrate!

Happy Mother's Day!