Chesapeake’s CrossFit Krypton is a hub for some of the nation’s top athletes

Posted at 12:20 AM, May 13, 2017
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CHESAPEAKE, Va. - It's a family affair inside of CrossFit Krypton. Three of the fittest men on the East coast, reside right here in Hampton Roads.

They also happen to be brothers.

Dane Smith pushed the weight sled during a training regimen.

Alec, Dane, and Ben Smith have been competitive all throughout their lives. "Anything involving a competition, we were super competitive with," said Alec, the middle child of the trio. "We'd always see who the fastest was, we'd always race each other."

All three have become forces in the CrossFit world and they credit the gym and each other for making them better. "I compete with Ben and Alec everyday," said Dane, the youngest of the three. they're older than me, they're stronger than me, but I'm starting to get up there."

Ben Smith drives the weight sled during a training regimen.

They've learned a lot from the eldest sibling Ben, who won the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games, earning the title as "The Fittest Man on Earth". "They're better athletes than I am, I've just been doing it longer than they have, so they'll get there," Ben said.

The Smith's aren't the only athletes at CrossFit Krypton that thrive off of competition though. "I just really enjoy the competitive aspect of it, and you keep seeing results," said first-time regional qualifier Kelley Boblit.

Kelley Boblit is training for her first Reebok CrossFit Games regional appearance.

The gym is labeled a "super affiliate" in the CrossFit community, sending five athletes to regionals last year, and sending six this year. That is the most athletes from one CrossFit affiliate on the East coast.

Some are enjoying their first time, some are veterans, as CrossFit Krypton's head coach Adam Klink is gearing up for his fifth regional.

Adam Klink works out with kettle-bells during a training regimen.

"Before, I used to be afraid I would mess up," said Klink, who also played soccer at Rutgers University. "Now you kind of relax, and you have some time doing this sport and know what to expect going in."

CrossFit Krypton will compete in the Atlantic regional competition in Atlanta, Ga starting June 2nd.


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