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‘Young Sheldon’ trailer will tug your heartstrings

Posted at 7:12 PM, May 17, 2017

The long-awaited “Big Bang Theory” spinoff will feature Sheldon Cooper as you’ve never seen him before — as a 9-year-old in a single-camera comedy.

CBS on Wednesday unveiled the first look at “Young Sheldon,” a series that follows the popular “Big Bang Theory” character as a train-loving genius growing up in east Texas with his mother, father, brother and twin sister.

Iain Armitage plays the character, who in the mothership series is portrayed by Jim Parsons.

Speaking to advertisers at the network’s Upfront presentation at Carnegie Hall, Parsons described the show as “a little bit ‘Wonder Years,’ a little bit ‘Doogie Howser.'”

Parsons lends his voice to the series as narrator.

“Young Sheldon” is a single-camera comedy, resulting in a show that’s both aesthetically and tonally different from “Big Bang Theory,” which is a mutli-cam series.

But the story follows what “Big Bang Theory” viewers know to be true: Sheldon Cooper has always been in a class of his own.

At one point in the promo, the teachers at Sheldon’s high school complain to the principal about their student’s candor.

“Five minutes into my math class, he questioned my credentials,” says one.

Zoe Perry plays young Sheldon’s mother. Perry is the daughter of actress Laurie Metcalf, who plays Sheldon’s mom on “Big Bang Theory.”

The series will debut behind “Big Bang Theory” on September 25, and move to its regular Thursday timeslot on November 2.