Train conductor shot by disgruntled passenger outside Chicago has ties to Hampton Roads

Posted at 10:24 PM, May 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-18 23:20:52-04

NAPERVILLE, Ill. - An Amtrak conductor shot on the job by a disgruntled passenger outside of Chicago has ties to Hampton Roads.

News 3 spoke exclusively to his wife by phone Thursday.

“I was like what in the world? What do you mean my husband has been shot,” said Sara Case.

Sara Case has been by his side in the hospital since Tuesday.

Police in Naperville said a man in his 70`s on board an Amtrak train shot the father of four.

Michael Case spent years in the Navy stationed in Virginia Beach.

He met his now wife, a Norfolk native in Newport News at a nightclub.

“He has the biggest heart. He is such a generous person. He loves his family, loves all of us, me and the kids and he always wanted to do for others,” said Sara Case.

Sara Case said Michael can’t speak yet however he did open his eyes Wednesday.

She said, “He opened his eyes. I got to see his beautiful eyes and he tried to talk but because of the ventilator tube he couldn't.”

Police said the 45-year-old conductor was outside of the stopped train when a passenger inside the train open fired.

The suspect tried to fire again but other passengers on the train stepped in and restrained him, according to police.

The suspect was taken into custody.

Michael's wife said he was struck once in the chest and underwent seven hours of surgery. She said there was a very dark time during surgery when they didn’t know if he would make it.

“Senseless, another senseless gun crime,” said Sara Case, “First of all, why did this man have a gun on the train.”

Click here for the donation page friends set up to raise money for the family.

“I'm focusing on him and giving him strength, encouraging him to pull through this,” said Sara Case.