Summer Explosion: Get your family ready with this ‘Summer Prep Checklist’

Posted at 5:53 AM, May 22, 2017

NORFOLK, Va - School's almost out and that means kids will be spending a lot more time at home very soon.

Going from days full of scheduled activities to ones full of free time can be difficult for some kids, but there are a few things you can do to make things a little bit easier.

First, create a loose routine. Even setting times for when to go to sleep, when to wake up and even when you're eating meals can add a little structure to your days.

You can also give kids a long-term chore that will give them something to work for and look forward to every day. Things like brushing the family dog and filling his food or being the designated dishwasher un-loader.

You can also create a "quiet box" full of things that kids can do on their own. It could have things like coloring books, puzzles, their iPads with headphones, arts and crafts, anything that kids can work on independently to get a little quiet time.

How about creating "summer theme days" to add a little excitement? Here's one family's ideas to help you create your own.

You also want to watch how much screen time your kids are having each day. Here's a "screen time checklist" that will not only help you regulate screen time, but will also help with creating a bit of a routine.

If your kids are "pool people" there's an easy way to make sure they are always ready. You can make each child a quick and easy pool bag with a gallon Ziploc. Each one can have the child's swimsuit, sunscreen, bug spray, pool pass, goggles and maybe a few dollars in case the ice cream truck comes! That way if they want to run to the pool with a friend they can easily be ready to go without the hassle of searching for everything!