Know your passenger rights when flying

Posted at 11:30 PM, May 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-24 23:31:30-04

These days traveling by airplane is much more common than ever before. In the golden age of air travel it seemed as though everyone was first class.

Today some see flying as common as riding a city bus.

With 832 million passengers on U.S. airline carriers last year alone, some issues have come up.

Skyrocketing fuel costs lead to a government bailout and new fees, tempers flare as airlines overbook flights and delayed flights leave people stranded for hours. These are just a few issues passengers face.

Kate Hanni is the founder of the world's largest passenger rights organization, Her organization was created to set new airline rules and to fight for passenger rights.

Hanni said airlines oversell seats to keep planes at max capacity, adding that on average 7% of the passengers are not going to show up. helped passengers with this issue. Thanks to them you are now entitled up to $1350 one way plus ancillary fees paid in cash, check or gift card, Fox 8 in Cleveland reported.

Here are other rights passengers are entitled to:

  • Airlines can only hold you for three hours on domestic flights and four hours for international
  • You have 24 hour grace period when booking a fare
  • Chronically late and canceled flights must be publicly reported
  • Airlines can`t increase ticket prices post purchase
  • Airlines must pay for lost or stolen luggage