‘5 Days to Fit & Fab’ – Top 5 ways to decrease back pain and improve mobility!

Posted at 11:29 AM, May 24, 2017
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‘5 Days to Fit & Fab’ Total body wellness, how to take care of your body to perform better at the gym and help decrease back and joint pain.

Taking care of your body is more than just nutrition and exercise. Thrive Proactive Health in Virginia Beach specializes in total body wellness through posture alignment, physical therapy and holistic techniques. They are also home to the only Postural Specialist in Hampton Roads, Julie Blandin. Her therapies offer long term relief using specialized training. Today the owners of Thrive teamed up with News 3's Kristen Crowley to show you five easy steps to proper body alignment and tools you can use to correct your posture. Focusing on the diaphragm and rib cage also improves mobility, they suggest using tools like a balloon and unilateral training at the gym to help strength the core.

Postural Restoration – 5 steps to increase mobility and decrease risk of injury

  1. Avoid over engaging muscles, stand up tall
  2. Set your diaphragm up for success
  3. Allow your ribs to move
  4. Warm up your hamstrings
  5. Train unilaterally and asymmetrically

Maureen Moore, CMT, PTA

Julie Blandin, PT, ATC, CSCS, PRC

Thrive Proactive Health, LLC

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