‘5 Days to Fit & Fab’ – A metabolism boosting workout you can do at home in under 15 minutes!

Posted at 11:37 AM, May 25, 2017

‘5 Days to Fit & Fab’ – Try this fat blasting workout from Hammer Fitness to kick-start your metabolism!

5 moves, 5 rounds, 15 minutes.

Summer is right around the corner and we all struggle with making time to workout! Craig Hamilton, owner of Hammer Fitness, put together a workout that targets every muscle group that you can do at home in a short amount of time. News 3's Kristen Crowley and Jessica Larche tested the workout out and felt the burn!

Set your tabata timer to 20 seconds on followed by 10 seconds of rest for 5 rounds.

Perform each exercise in sequence for 20 seconds. You will use the 10 seconds of rest to setup for the next exercise.

All you need is a set of weights, if you don't have any just grab something from your pantry!

  1. Squats
  2. Jump-squats
  3. Thrusters (squat with a press)
  4. Bent-over row
  5. Floor Press

Rest 30 seconds, repeat for four more rounds!

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