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Trucker reunited after she lost her cat in Chesapeake nearly 3 weeks ago

Posted at 5:58 PM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 23:24:38-04

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - As a trucker, Sharon Griffin travels the country making deliveries with her little kitty Freddy is always by her side.

California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas are just a few of the states they have been to together and Freddy is only 8-months-old.

But when she made a stop in Hampton Roads, Freddy accidentally rolled down the window when Sharon wasn't in the cab and got out.

"I looked everywhere, all over the parking lot. He could have been under cars," said Griffin, who was distraught. However, she had to keep moving.

"Oh it was horrible. It was just horrible because he's my baby," said Griffin.

That's where Jimmy Frost from Cat Rescue came in. A former trucker himself, he knew how Griffin was feeling.

"I couldn't imagine anything worse happening. It was just a horrid thought," said Frost.

Monday night, Frost got a message on Facebook through the Cat Rescue page about Freddy. Sharon's daughter in Arkansas was doing everything she could to find Freddy for her Mom. After chatting with the both of them, Frost said he had a feeling. He left his house around midnight to look for Freddy.

"I never had any doubt that I'd find him. I don't know where that came from," said Frost.

He came to a trucker delivery station in Chesapeake. The same spot where Sharon last saw Freddy. After an hour, Frost saw what he was looking for.

"I caught a glimpse of Freddy walking across the parking lot," said Frost, who had set up a trap. "I had reached down and scratched his head and he arched his back. He was pretty receptive, so I reached down along his abdomen and picked him up," said Frost.

As soon as he could, he snapped a photo and sent it to Sharon. Thanks to Sharon's dispatcher who rearranged her delivery schedule, she was able to drive back to Hampton Roads from Ohio to meet Frost.

On Friday, she was reunited with Freddy. Now, Griffin can happily hit the road with her favorite companion, riding shotgun.