Hog-Wash: NFL shop bungles Redskins’ home

Posted at 10:57 PM, Jun 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-26 22:57:02-04

The Seattle Space Needle is viewed during dusk with Mt. Rainier in the background. (Photo by Dan Callister/Newsmakers)

NORFOLK, Va. – The Washington Redskins play in Washington state. According to – that’s an accurate Washington state-ment.

But, as any person with the slightest bit of geography and/or sports knowledge would realize, the Washington Redskins call Washington, D.C. home – not Washington state (a location 2,500+ miles away).

Until Monday, was selling this novelty “state pride” license plate featuring Washington state.

However, until Monday, when the Washington Post pointed out the embarrassing mistake, was selling a “state pride” novelty plate featuring the Redskins logo inside an outline of the state of Washington.