Facebook Live video captures Boston drug overdose

Posted at 7:45 AM, Jun 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-28 07:45:43-04

Two men in Boston tapped on a car window when they saw a man and woman passed out, a needle lying in the woman’s lap.

One of the men trying to help the couple, Junior JayRoc DiSola, captured the incident on Facebook Live.

The video, captioned “Drugs is a terrible thing… #BostonStrung Out!!”, was taken on a street in Dorchester, Massachusetts on June 21. The incident occurred there just before 5:30 p.m., according to CNN affiliate WFXT.

The video has over 12 million views on Facebook.

After nearly a minute of banging on the driver’s side window, the woman came to, startled and disoriented. The man, identified in the video as Dan, could not be shaken awake.

Dan would not regain any level of consciousness until his friend administered two doses of Narcan.

“I have Narcan in the trunk,” the unidentified female says in the video.

A small crowd begins to flock to the car. The woman tells them her friend didn’t often take drugs and that’s why she was worried about him.

Wearing one shoe, she runs to his side of the car to administer Narcan and CPR.

Several minutes later Dan woke up, vomiting.

“Double strength, they’re the new ones, the double strength, I gave him two, because I wasn’t risking it,” she says in the video as he continues to vomit.

“Narcan does work. I’ve been through this multiple times,” she says.

Boston Emergency Medical Services responded to the scene to treat the man who overdosed, according to Boston police spokesman Officer Stephen McNulty. Boston police officers assisted at the scene but no incident report was filed, nor were the two individuals arrested. No narcotics were recovered at the scene, McNulty told CNN.

“While the video is troubling and disturbing, there is no criminal investigation into the incident at this time,” McNulty said.

The Boston Public Health Commission would not provide any further details about the incident because it is considered protected health information, Boston Public Health Commission Media Relations Manager Ana Karina Vivas told CNN.