NASA crash tests part of plane at Hampton research facility

Posted at 11:28 AM, Jun 29, 2017

HAMPTON, Va. - NASA researchers crash tested part of a plane on Thursday afternoon at NASA Langley's Landing and Impact Research Facility in Hampton.

The jet fuselage cross-section from a regional jet aircraft was dropped with ten crash dummies on board. The dummies have sensors that will be analyzed for the impact from the crash.

The fuselage was also equipped with instruments to measure how it withstands the impact.

"We're looking at gathering data on regional jet-sized aircraft and how they perform, particularly metallic planes," said Joseph Pellettiere, FAA chief scientist and technical advisor for crash dynamics. "That way we can develop a set of baseline data that we can use to compare when we look at new and novel designs that might use different materials."

This is the second similar crash test this year. The FAA is also involved in the research.

"[The regional jets] are something that we all fly on," said Pellettiere. "This is helping us ensure that there is a certain level of safety from lying them."

Here is a video from the first crash test in March 2017: