Air conditioning companies working hard in the heat 

Posted at 8:56 PM, Jul 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-03 22:51:41-04

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - People are cranking on the AC and some are running into issues.

News 3 spent some time with One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning to see them at work and hear from those who have been dealing with problems.

"It was between 88 and 92 degrees in my bedroom," said Virginia Beach resident Eric Vaughn.

For weeks, Vaughn suffered in the heat with a broken air conditioner.

He said he tried his best to fall asleep by turning on the fan, wearing minimal clothes and keeping the window open, but said he would be drenched in sweat.

Local resident Kimberly Neal also has been experiencing issues.

"It doesn't get cold enough upstairs. It's so cold downstairs but upstairs it's so hot. It's so annoying," said Neal.

"When weather forecasters show a spike in the temperatures, our guys notice it," said One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning Vice President Ryan Kletz, "Our guys are working pretty much around-the-clock trying to keep people comfortable throughout Hampton Roads."

Kletz says the most common thing they see are air conditioners not working for various reasons like the age of the unit. There are also issues with people not maintaining their systems, checking the filters and keeping up with routine maintenance.

"The most common thing, you'll hear it time and time again is routine maintenance. It's just like your car. You're not just going to buy a new car drive it for five years and never got the oil changed. It is the same thing with your conditioning system," said Kletz, "It needs a little TLC once a year to try to keep all those components running at tiptop shape."

Vaughn said he is so glad to have his AC working again.

"I can sleep in peace and I don't wake up four times a night having to get a glass of ice water," said Vaughn.