Stay safe around fireworks and sparklers with these simple steps

Posted at 6:42 AM, Jul 03, 2017

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. -Here at News 3 we are committed to keeping you and your family safe for this 4th of July and with these helpful safety tips, you can be sure to have fun while staying out of harm’s way.

The Virginia Beach Fire Department spoke to News 3 about fireworks, urging everyone to leave the fireworks to the professionals. Consumer fireworks are illegal in Hampton Roads anyway so try to attend the numerous large displays in the area instead of taking matters into your own hands.

In 2015 close to 20,000 people were treated in emergency rooms due to firework-related accidents. More than 18,000 fires last year were started by fireworks as well, so they are a personal and community danger that need to be treated with caution.

Sparklers and fireworks burn at extremely high temperatures so even handheld sparklers need to be handled with care.

Patient First has these 5 tips to help you stay safe around sparklers and fireworks:

1. Put sparklers in a bucket of water once they are out. They can still cause burns when they are no longer lit.
2. Stay away from ground-based sparkler devices
3. If a sparkler or fireworks does not go off, douse it with water before handling it.
4. Keep a safe distance from any display, yours or a professional one, just in case something goes wrong.
5. Do not pick up any debris with your hands before it has cooled or been doused in water

Of course, drinking and fireworks do not mix! Stay sober especially when using fireworks or sparklers with your children.

We have a list of all the fireworks displays in Hampton Roads and OBX at the following link:

Fireworks in Hampton Roads and OBX