86-year-old man looking for a job can’t get a call back

Posted at 11:03 PM, Jul 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-07 23:03:24-04

LEXINGTON, N.C. -- Fred Sizemore started working when he was 14 and never stopped – but recently he's had a tough time finding employment.

"I don't mind working hard," the Lexington, North Carolina man told WGHP. "There are people who say they can't find anything, well, those people don't like to work."

After his first job at Wimpy's Hamburgers in Dayton, Ohio, Sizemore's driven trucks, owned a cleaning business, worked in a factory and owned a restaurant. He retired at 65, but has continued working odd jobs because, he says, it keeps him young.

Sizemore is now 86 years old.

"It gets boring laying around the house," Sizemore chuckled. "Plus, everybody wants something to do that they like to do."

He's never had a problem finding work, until this summer. He said his mowing jobs have disappeared and the jobs he's applied for never called back. Sizemore's granddaughter, Misty Causey, said she believes it's because of his age.

"For a lot of people, when you hear the age of 86, they're scared because of health reasons and putting them out there by themselves," Causey explained. "But he's healthy and able to do it, so why not give him a chance?"

Sizemore said he's willing to do just about anything, from pressure washing, to mowing, even working in a factory. He said if it's experience you're looking for, he's your guy.

"I'm cheaper for one thing, now I'm not as fast, but I do a better job than most because I take my time," Sizemore explained.

He said that's the message he wants people to understand -- age is just a number. Sizemore explained that while he's been around for 86 years, he doesn't feel it.

"I have a friend that's 90, he mows 32 yards," Sizemore said. "They can't tell me older people can't work."

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