Party photos used to identify women suspected of crashing car through restaurant

Posted at 1:25 PM, Jul 25, 2017

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City police are thanking the public for helping them identify two women suspected of crashing a vehicle through a popular Mexican restaurant, causing at least $200,000 in damage, according to WDAF.

The incident occurred on July 1 after the two women returned to their car parked at Ponak's Mexican Restaurant and discovered they couldn't get out because the gate was locked.

The two women apparently hatched a plan to get the car out by driving it over the railroad tracks behind the restaurant; instead, they backed the car into the restaurant's kitchen and caused over $200,000 in damages.

“The damage is more extensive than we imagined," Ponak's General Manager John Greer told WDAF. "We thought it would be $30,000 to $40,000 and it’s turned out being a high estimate of up to $200,000 to $220,000 to fix this wall."

Grainy surveillance images captured the two women allegedly involved. But after hearing about what happened, customers scoured through online photos of an event that took place nearby in an effort to get better photos of the pair.

On Monday, police tweeted out a photo of the two women. On Tuesday, Kansas City Police said they have identified the two women.

"I'm glad that I have a pretty loyal following and people who do care," Greer said. "We’ve been here over 42 years and we are one of the mainstays on the Boulevard, so it makes me feel good and hopefully something will come out of this, someone will recognize these two people on here.”

It was not immediately clear if the women have been arrested or charged in connection with the incident.