Spice of Blythe: Enjoy the oil sensation!

Posted at 9:32 AM, Aug 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-02 09:32:20-04

Olive oil might be a little bit intimidating, so I decided to break it down for you!

Ever heard of extra virgin? Cold-pressed? Light olive oil? I’m here to walk you through the turmoil of olive oil!

Let’s start with Italian olive oil. That’s the one that most people know and most people look for. If you’re at the grocery store and you’re concerned with which one to buy, remember extra virgin means first pressed only. This is the first press of these olives to get the best oil yet. That’s the purest and easiest to use, also it’s the greatest flavor.

Remember the darker the bottle, the higher quality the oil is.

Let’s say you’re not a fan of Italy or you think there’s so many more choices out there! What about a Greek olive oil? Their olive oil tends to be way earthier, way greener, and absolutely delicious.

But let’s say you want to go closer to home, how about some Texas olive oil? You can get the first form press extra virgin, you can get flavored, and you can get infused olive oil.

How about if you want to get super fun, and decide you want to go to an olive oil bar? They’re popping up across the country. This is where you can go, bring your own bottle, taste a million kinds of olive oil - enjoy them!

Spice of Blythe: Feel your way through that oil sensation, that’s right, get in there and open them up, taste them, enjoy them.

Remember you never want to cook super hard with olive oil, you want to drizzle, finish with it, and make it delicious. Enjoy your way through the olive oil garden!