Spice of Blythe: Road Trip Food!

Posted at 11:42 AM, Aug 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-16 11:42:45-04

I am so excited one of my best friends in the world is having an amazing birthday party as a suprise. I am headed to Chicago and I decided to take my lovely fiance and make it a road trip worth remembering.

With road trips, two things come to mind: amazing music and fabulous snacks.

First and foremost, start with the beverages. Water to stay hydrated! Maybe some iced tea or lemonade?

How about the great food? Maybe some high-in-protein cheese, salami, or tuna fish?

But we like to have fun, too! So maybe you do need a little of the doughnut action, sweet treats, and something fun for those kids.

Finally, some trail mix! Put anything together, bake the night before, and bag it up! A fun family activity you can do before vacation, enjoy all during vacation and save a little money!

My Spice of Blythe is: Get on the road, hit the road, have a good time. Make sure you pack plenty of juice, plenty of food, and a great set of tunes. Happy Summer, everybody! Happy Birthday, Allison! We're on our way to see you!