Gov. McAuliffe talks about Charlottesville violence on CBS This Morning

Posted at 2:06 PM, Aug 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-17 14:06:18-04

Gov. Terry McAuliffe appeared on CBS This Morning on August 17, his first national TV interview since the events in Charlottesville

RICHMOND, Va. - Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe made an appearance on CBS This Morning on Thursday, his first national TV interview since the events in Charlottesville.

Gov. McAuliffe was asked whether he believed that all Confederate monuments should be removed. He reiterated his statements made Wednesday, saying that while he does not have the authority to order that monuments in Virginia be removed (that power belongs to local jurisdictions and the General Assembly), he does believe they should come down.

Gov. McAuliffe went on to say he doesn't believe that what happened in Charlottesville has anything to do with statues.

"There is hatred, there is bigotry that has been unleashed in this country and we need to understand how it has happened and most importantly, what we can do going forward as a nation," he said.

Gov. McAuliffe also talked about the loss of two Virginia State Police troopers killed in a helicopter crash near Charlottesville, the beating of Deandre Harris, and President Trump's recent speeches that followed in the wake of the Charlottesville events.