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How to spend your Powerball winnings

Posted at 11:00 AM, Aug 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 18:51:05-04

NORFOLK Va.- It would be a dream to win the Powerball. So if your fingers are crossed for the big drawing on Saturday, let us indulge you.

The total jackpot now at $535 million. If you were lucky enough to win it all the cash payout is $340.1 million meaning you've just become $241.4 million dollars richer - after tax of course.

First stop caffeine. You've got a full day ahead of spending and you're going to need the energy to do it.

'I would continue to come to Starbucks," Tahhan said

With $241 million dollars you could buy over $47 million caramel macchiato.

How about some wine and champagne?

"And it's so special that it's actually numbered and we are not allowed to open them to show you what it looks like. You get to open it when it get homes. When they pack this, since then no one has seen this bottle," Payne said "I would stock up on all the Bevin in the Tidewater area and probably buy it and bring it home," Payne said.

If you decided to throw a party with all of the bottles selected- your lottery winnings would get you about 112-thousand.

Now you are going to need some bling.

"JLO wears a whole series of those,"

"My necklace is $69-hundred. My ring is $55-hundred and each bracelet is $16-hundred to $22-hundred,"

That means you could purchase this entire set 14-thousand times.

Coffee, wine, jewelry, that may all be too small.

"Listed for around $325 thousand dollars the larger vessel the 68 footer across the creek is listed currently for 1.4 million," Scott Fiedorczyk said.

If you want to sail away with your money, you could buy 742 of these boats. One for you and all your Facebook friends.

The odds of winning any prize in Powerball are about 1 in 25.