Four apps to keep your family organized as kids head back to school

Posted at 6:22 AM, Aug 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-31 10:22:45-04

It's easy to get overwhelmed once kids head back to class.

Between homework, sports and other activities, it can be tough to stay organized, but there are some apps that can make life a lot easier.

These apps help with everything from staying on top of assignments, to keeping your family's schedule on track.

Life 360

This app can give parents peace of mind.  It connects your family by sharing everyone's location on a private map.

You can also receive alerts when your kids arrive at designated places like home or school.

There's even a driving safety feature. You can see how fast your teen driver is going, their route and if they're using their cell phone.


We also know you are probably running in a million different directions, so how about an app to keep the family organized?

With Cozi, you have a color-coded calendar that everyone in the family can access.

You can send agenda emails to family members and set reminders so no one misses anything.


Now for some apps to help your kids in school.

"myHomework" allows you to track your classes, homework, tests and assignments so you don't forget anything.

Ready4 SAT

For high schoolers starting to think about college, there's "Ready 4 SAT."

It has practice questions and flashcards.

This app also tracks your performance and helps figure out what you need to work on.