North Carolina siblings save spare change to help sea turtles at the NC Aquarium

Posted at 9:40 PM, Aug 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-31 21:40:20-04

Kylee (left), 8, Owen (middle), 11, and Mikie, (right), 10, present their donation to NCARI Director Maylon White. (Photo courtesy of the NC Aquarium)

MANTEO, N.C. – Most kids save their money with the hopes of getting a new toy, but these North Carolina siblings are different.

Eleven-year-old Owen Kuhn of Winston-Salem first visited the NC Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation Center on Roanoke Island two years ago. He decided to start saving his spare change after he saw the aquarium’s turtle donation display.

“He’s a big sea turtle fan,” said his dad, Mike Kuhn.

However, big brother couldn’t have all the fun.

His eight-year-old sister Kylee and 10-year-old brother Mikie joined in Owen’s effort, and the three of them stopped by the aquarium on Tuesday to present their donation to NCARI Director Maylon White.

The aquarium mentioned that private donations are crucial to sea turtle conservation, and the organization thanked the Kuhns for contribution.