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Kroger now offering grocery delivery in Hampton Roads

Posted at 4:23 PM, Sep 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-06 16:23:30-04

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. – Kroger will now offer grocery delivery service at two local stores!

The delivery option is part of the next phase of Kroger’s existing online ordering platform, ClickList, and is modeled after the grocery delivery service at Harris Teeter, which is owned by The Kroger Company.

The locations set to offer the service are located at 4625 Shore Dr., and 3901 Holland Rd.

ClickList will allow customers who opt for home delivery to shop among the 40,000 items available via ClickList.

Customers who designate Shore Drive or Holland Road as their home store, when ordering online through the ClickList platform, will be greeted with the option to choose delivery.

From there, the customer can create their shopping list, select delivery times and places orders.  Once an order is placed, a Kroger store associate sets up the delivery.

There is a small catch though when it comes to deliveries.  Delivery customers can allow substitutions for out-of-stock items, however, the driver cannot return substitutions if they are not accepted at the time of delivery.

Kroger recommends that customers be specific in the special instructions section or deselect the allow substitutions box on items when reviewing the order in the Shopping Cart.

Kroger is also expand its ClickList service with people taking their shopping to online. ClickList has also rolled out an option for online paying, allowing customers to the store to pay quicker and spend lest times in stores.

Additional delivery service details include:

– A $11.95 service charge is added to the total.
– Online payment is required for delivery.
– Orders cannot be placed more than three days in advance.
– More than 40,000 items to choose from for delivery.
– Customers must be home to accept groceries.
– Pharmacy prescriptions are not included in the program.
– Alcohol cannot be purchased via delivery.