Emergency storm kit — what you should have to prepare

Posted at 1:39 PM, Sep 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-08 16:59:58-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - People are making hardware stores one of their destinations before the weekend.

They're stocking up on supplies to brave the possible effects coming from Hurricane Irma and Dominion Energy tells News 3 that they're prepared too.

"We deal with the power on a regular basis and because of our environment we're always on standby," said Dominion Energy lineman, Sean Jones. "We're always ready to go."

Taylor's Do It Center in Virginia Beach has a hurricane prep section to make shopping easier with the necessary items on the shelves to keep you safe.

"Everything that you really want--you want some things that you can survive for a couple of days to the power comes back on," mentioned Dominion Energy Network Specialist Lineman, Keith Wilson.

The company said the first thing to have is a first aid kit and some battery operated equipment is necessary if the power goes out, like an LED battery light to hang up on the wall in your home.

Also, buying a couple of sandbags can make a difference when keeping the water out of your home.

As eager as everyone wants their electricity on when the power is out, Dominion Energy does not want anyone to fix it themselves.

"If you decide to take it upon yourself to go over there, start cutting a tree, and then the wires break or the tree rolls the wrong way that you're not prepared for, then you can get seriously hurt," added Jones.

Dominion Energy said a crew will be on standby in case they're power outages in Hampton Roads over the weekend.

They'll also head down south to help if needed.