Hurricane Irma evacuees take cover in Hampton Roads

Posted at 4:20 PM, Sep 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-10 21:11:47-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - As Hurricane Irma makes it way through Florida, some residents are taking cover in Hampton Roads.
News 3 spoke with some of the evacuees.

Lynna Mislang fled Naples Friday afternoon with her two dogs and mom.

“The biggest concern would be the storm surge.," Mislang explained. “Most of what’s being experienced in Naples right now is more of the high winds, there are a lot of roof tiles that are flying, palms trees that are flying everywhere.”

She said initially she was planning to stay home through the storm but once it changed directions, she knew it was safer to take the drive to the Resort City.

“The eye-opener for me was seeing the size of this storm in comparison to Andrew and knowing the devastation that took place in 1992 from that and the fact that Andrew can fit inside of Irma, that’s frightening," Mislang said.

Mislang told News 3 she will stay in the area until the storm passes.

Her mother and dog will stay in Virginia Beach until she can get things back in order.

Marlene Jordan is also in Virginia Beach, staying with her daughter.

However she has been here since the start of the hurricane season.

"I don’t feel comfortable down there during hurricane season," Jordan told News 3.

She said her condo on Palm Beach Shores sits right off the coast.

If Irma hits, she said it could be deadly.

“If a hurricane hits like this one was headed toward the east coast, I would have been in a lot more trouble than what those folks are in right now," Jordan said.

Right now, both women said there isn't any damage to their homes but they won't know for sure until they return.