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Interior Dept. adds arcade game ‘Big Buck Hunter Pro’ to its cafeteria

Posted at 9:09 AM, Sep 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 09:09:33-04

The Interior Department is treating its employees to an unconventional addition to its cafeteria — “Big Buck Hunter Pro.”

Big Buck Hunter Pro

The department announced the cafeteria’s temporary new addition Tuesday, saying it is part of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s “latest initiative to reemphasize hunting and fishing” at the department.

“Having the ‘Big Buck Hunter Pro’ arcade game will get many employees involved in sportmen’s season, in turn furthering the department’s mission of wildlife and habitat conservation​,” the statement reads.

Zinke shared an image of the game in a tweet: “To highlight #sportsmen contributions 2 conservation I installed Big Buck Hunter in the employee cafeteria. Get excited for #hunting season!”

In addition to the game, the department also announced a new competition for employees titled “Secretary’s Shotgun Showdown.” The winner will be rewarded with “bragging rights and a personal visit with the secretary.”

“Casey at @USFWS bested me today in the #ShotgunShowdown. More practice is in order. Awesome to see employees excited for #hunting season!” another one of Zinke’s tweets said.

Last week, Zinke signed an order that is designed to expand access to various public lands for hunters and fishers.