Couple asks guests to help pay for dream wedding

Posted at 2:07 PM, Sep 21, 2017

Derbyshire, U.K. — Weddings are expensive and many couples have trouble paying for everything before the big day arrives. So, one couple in England decided to cut costs and ask their guests to cover some of the wedding expenses.

Ben Farina and Clare Moran plan to marry in June 2018 and their venue is going to cost about $13,500, according to the BBC.

To help cover expenses, the couple is asking the 60 adult guests to pay $203 each. For the 20 children, parents will pay around $67 for each child.

The money will cover a three-night stay at the venue, which includes a pool and spa. It’s a wedding that Farina says will be “like an all-inclusive holiday.”

“We had spoken about marriage because we’ve got a little girl together and I always said we wouldn’t be able to afford to do it, or it would have to be a registry office wedding, not a big wedding,” Moran told the BBC.

The couple plans to spend around $2,700 of their own money to pay for drinks, food, dresses, and suits.