Stranger surprises young cancer patient after someone stole his bike

Posted at 10:37 PM, Sep 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-26 22:37:33-04

ORLAND PARK, Ill. – After word got out that a 10-year-old boy battling cancer had his bike stolen, a stranger decided to make things right, according to WGN.

In May, the organization Bear Necessities bought Dominic Falica a brand new bike to help him get through a dark time. Between chemo treatments, Dominic spent the summer riding his bike around the neighborhood.

“It’s just fun to have the wind rushing through your face,” said Dominic said. “It just feels like you’re finally alive.”

However, after riding it down the street to play with his friend recently, Dominic parked it next to another bike by the garage when he got home. He took a nap, and, when he came back outside, it was gone.

Neighbors told WGN they saw a man in his 60s riding down the block on the bike.  They say he put it in a pickup truck and drove off.

The Falica family said the theft left them sad, confused and frustrated.

But all hope wasn’t lost.

Minutes after the Falicas’ story aired, an anonymous person promised to pay for whichever bike Dominic picked out. Not only is he back cruising around the neighborhood, Dominic managed to find the newest version of the stolen bike.

“I’m just real thankful for whoever did this to me because its real nice to have a good bike,” he said.  “When I get older, I’d really like to do this for someone else who needs it.”

Dominic is halfway through his chemo treatments and doing well, according to WGN.