Uptick in people wanting to donate blood locally at American Red Cross

Posted at 5:19 PM, Oct 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-03 17:21:19-04

HAMPTON ROADS, Va.- The life flowing through Crystal Frazier's veins is the donation she's choosing to give to hopefully save another.

“I just feel as a country, we should all come together. I feel like if we can do something as Americans, something to help each other, then we should," says Frazier.

Rounds of ammunition that took lives still echoes throughout the country. A horrific event encouraging many to come together to help as best they can.

The American Red Cross has sent more that 250 blood products to local hospitals in Las Vegas.

“The real issue is the blood on the shelves. When a tragedy happens, the blood is needed immediately. That’s why we are encouraging folks to come out and donate regularly," says Chris Adams, American Red Cross.

Compelled to give, Crystal Frazier says it's the least she can do. It's a small sacrifice that hopefully will have a huge impact for a victim desperately holding on to their life.

"I heard some of the stories of people falling on people to try to save them. That’s what you’re supposed to do as a human. You’re supposed to help each other," says Frazier.

If you want to help click here for more information.

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