Multiple car break-ins in Western Branch

Posted at 9:31 PM, Oct 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-04 23:13:49-04

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - Neighbors in Western Branch are keeping a close eye on their cars after a rash of car break-ins.

Many of the break-ins happened in the Dock's Landing area, which has quiet streets and is family-friendly - a contrast to the crime occurring over and over.

Summer said she discovered what happened Sunday morning before her family left to get breakfast.

"Everything in the glove box and center console was on the front seat so we knew something had to have happened," said Summer.

She had heard of other car break-ins before, but didn't think she would be a victim.

"It made it real when I got in my car, knowing someone else was in my car that’s when it hit me. It’s unsettling knowing someone else went into your car," said Summer.

Fortunately for Summer, she said nothing truly important was stolen. She has a newborn and her first thought was if anything she needed to care for her baby was stolen.

News 3 spoke with other victims, including Victoria Gathier, who said her car was locked, but thieves still found a way in. She lives on Augusta Avenue.

Moving forward, Summer is adding more security cameras to her home, especially since she's not the only victim.

"So many people were reaching out to me saying their cars were broken into. Same thing everything in the center console was taken out and put on the front seat," said Summer.

Victims are hoping the thieves are caught. Moving into the holiday season, Summer said she's going to be extra cautious since there were many home break-ins last year.