Hang on to your diapies: “Rugrats” Reptar bars return to shelves

Posted at 5:25 PM, Oct 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-12 17:34:41-04

I am Reptar, hear me roar!

Fans of Nickelodeon’s classic cartoon “Rugrats” and 90s enthusiasts will be happy to hear that Reptar bars are available once again. You can find them at everyone’s favorite 90s mall entertainment hangout spot, FYE.

If you weren’t around when they first went on sale in 1991 – the year the show premiered – Reptar bars turn your tongue green. This is a nod to one of the show’s most memorable Halloween episodes, in which the mean-girl-with-a-sweet-tooth Angelica Pickles made it her mission to find them all.

According to fans, the candy bars seem very hard to find and they’re not available on the store’s website, but you can also fulfill your 90s nostalgia with theirexclusive Reptar cereal.

Happy hunting!