Wilkes-Barre mayor fires police union vice president over ‘threatening’ email

Posted at 12:36 PM, Oct 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-19 12:48:17-04

A Wilkes-Barre police officer is off the job after sending what the mayor felt was a threatening email regarding the performance of another commander.

According to that Facebook post, Wilkes-Barre Police Union Vice President Dan Duffy is out of the job as a Wilkes-Barre police officer.

Mayor Tony George fired the former Scranton police chief Wednesday night after receiving what he calls a “threatening” email from Duffy.

A post on social media claims to have the contents of that message.

Duff says the email wasn’t a personal attack on the commander.

He urged city officials to take action and wrote that “by allowing the commander to continue untouched, you are both turning your heads.”

The social media post shows Mayor George wrote back that he didn’t appreciate being threatened and it appears Duffy was fired after that.