Woman wants Petland to pay medical bills after puppy got her sick

Posted at 11:58 AM, Oct 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-19 11:58:05-04

A woman says she thinks Petland in Kennesaw should pay her medical bills after she became sick due to a puppy she bought at the store. A multi-state outbreak was traced back to dogs that were getting people really sick.

We contact the Centers for Disease Control, who is now investigating the case.

Dr. Michael Good consulted for Petland for nine years.

“I saw more unhealthy puppies coming from Petland than I saw as the medical director of the Fulton County Animal Shelter,” says Good.

The veterinarian provided a statement for a class action lawsuit because they say Petland is selling sick puppies.

“I think the state and local laws have not appropriately addressed what’s going on at the store,” says Good. “I think right now they are relying on holes in those laws, but more importantly I don’t think they have been held accountable.”

Vicky Denton bought a puppy from the Kennesaw store. She never thought the puppy would get her terribly sick.

“I had a really high fever, almost delirious,” says Good.

Denton went to the emergency room and a doctor diagnosed her with camplybactor.

“One doctor had said…do you have a dog at home? And I said we had a new puppy, so she was the first one to make that connection,” says Denton.

After being hospitalized for the disease twice, she has thousands of medical bills.

“Knowing I have a lot of medical bills, I think Petland should be responsible for paying those,” says Denton. “I wouldn’t have gotten sick if I didn’t have her and that’s almost $100,000 for medial bills.”

CBS46 reached out to Petland to find out if they were knowingly selling sick puppies, but we haven’t received a response.