Woman says trip to gas station cost her $1,100 because of mislabeled pump

Posted at 2:29 PM, Oct 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-28 14:29:04-04

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – (WREG) — A routine stop at the gas station ended in turmoil for Latonya Rogers.

Rogers stopped at a gas station on the 4600 block of South Third Street earlier this week when she noticed something odd with her car.

After filling up her car at pump 9 she could tell that her car was not running like it normally would.

“I couldn’t even accelerate my car over 35 miles an hour. It was just coasting along at 35 miles an hour,” said Rogers. “I was like ‘Lord what is going on with my car?'”

Rogers took her car to the Acura dealership after her car troubles continued. It got to the point where she was having trouble starting it.

The dealership informed her that diesel fuel had been found in the tank of her car, and the expenses were going to be costly.

WREG went to the dealership and saw some of the diesel fuel removed from the vehicle.

“Right now the cost is up to a little over $1,100,” said Rogers.

Rogers is convinced there’s no error on her part. She showed us pump number 9 where she says she filled her tank and there was no option for diesel fuel. Her receipt says she used pump 9 as well. She now believes the fuel was placed incorrectly.

She said she`s repeatedly asked employees at the Valero gas station for answers but has not been able to get any real answers.

WREG accompanied her on Thursday as she made another attempt to get answers from employees.

‘”I purchased some gas out here only to find out that it was diesel,” said Rogers speaking to a Valero gas station employee.

“$1,100 is a lot of money, so we don`t want this to happen to anyone else,” explained WREG reporter Shay Arthur to the Valero employee.

The gas station employee informed us that they are a 24-hour gas station and have not stopped selling the diesel fuel since Rogers filled up her tank. The employee stated that Rogers was the only one complaining.

The employee then stated that this is an issue that Rogers should talk about with the corporate offices of Valero gas station. Yet, Rogers disagrees and says the whole reason she reached out to WREG was to warn others.

“I`m sure there are plenty of people in this neighborhood who might stop at this gas station and might be experiencing this with their car. They`re not aware of what`s going on.”

WREG reached out to Valero who said it was “Very unlikely that could happen.”

Rogers said she is also in the process of speaking with Valero’s corporate office.