Former NSU football player accused of murder claims victim tried to rob him

Posted at 1:30 PM, Oct 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-31 13:31:29-04

Jaquan Anderson

NORFOLK, Va.  - Court documents reveal that Jaquan Anderson and Nicholas Ackies knew each other before Friday night's fatal shooting.

According to police, Anderson shot and killed Ackies around 6 p.m. on October 27. Search warrants say that after the shooting, Anderson called 911 and told dispatch that he killed his friend with a gun.

In the call to First Responders, dispatchers say Anderson shot Ackies because he tried to rob him in his home on Hayes Street.

Search warrants say police arrived at Anderson's home minutes after the 911 call. They say they found Ackies with trauma to his face. Documents say multiple cartridges were also found at the scene.

Anderson was taken into custody from his home. Search warrants say they are taking blood him to compare against evidence collected at the scene.

Anderson's mother provided the following statement about her son.

I have seen and read the depicting reports on various news outlets. Being a "MOTHER", my deepest condolences goes out to the Ackies family because I could very well been on the other end of this. I cant even begin to imagine how she feels especially not knowing the facts regarding what took place on Friday.  I have not been able to speak to my child or see him ....other than at yesterday's arraignment. The Norfolk State University (NSU) faculty and staff, teammates, or the Coach have not spoken on his behalf as it relates to his character. JaQuan has dedicated the last 4 years of his life as a devoted student, athlete, and mentor at NSU. This news is heartbreaking to me. He is not perfect... (none of us are) but JaQuan is a good hearted individual and would do anything in his power to help a person in need.  The media failed to mention that JaQuan had a full four-year academic football scholarship, was on the Deans list, an scholar student, and acted as an mentor in his local High school as well as for NSU! JaQuan viewed his teammates as "brothers"(because he has none biologically) and would often tell me how he see so much of himself in them. THIS WHOLE  INCIDENT IS A TRUE TRAGEDY FOR ALL PARTIES INVOLVED! I only wish it was a dream. If only I would have been more persistent in him moving back home after graduating in May...maybe none of this would have happened.  He is my ONLY son, and was the first male in my immediate family to attend and graduate college. Words can not express how heartbreaking it is to see him viewed as a thug or someone who is heartless for human life! JaQuan is a loving brother, son, friend, and is an upstanding role model for young males in the community. JaQuan has maintained an scholar academic status since elementary and thereafter. Anyone who has crossed paths with my son will have nothing but positive things to say about him and his love for everyone.