Dad upset over Pizza Hut driver’s texts to teenage daughter

Posted at 10:22 AM, Nov 01, 2017

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. -- A father in Colonial Heights felt the need to speak out following a situation between his teenage daughter and a Pizza Hut delivery driver. The father asked to conceal his identity in an effort to protect his family.

The father told WTVR the situation started after his daughter used her cell phone to order pizza.

"She orders the pizza and it gets delivered, no problem," he said. "About 20 minutes later she gets a text."

The text made the 17-year-old girl feel uncomfortable, so she told her dad.

"He said 'this is your pizza delivery driver just letting you know, I think you're beautiful,'" the father said.

The driver sent the same text twice, the father said.

"To me that was inappropriate," he said.

The next text from the older man ask the teenager out on a date.

At that point dad had enough. He picked up his own phone.

"I called up Pizza Hut and pretty much let them have it," he said.

The father said he was extra concerned because not only did the driver have his daughter's phone number -- he also had her address.

"The privacy of our customers is extremely important to us," a Pizza Hut spokesperson said regarding the incident. "The local Pizza Hut franchisee has taken appropriate disciplinary action and terminated the employee involved. We have since reached out to the affected family to apologize and resolve this incident."

The father said he wanted to share this story to warn parents and suggested letting the children use an adult's phone when placing orders.