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Dating experts say that “Cuffing Season” starts at the beginning of November

Posted at 7:08 PM, Nov 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-02 19:26:02-04

NORFOLK, Va. – As the cold weather slowly approaches, singles are gearing up for the elusive fall dating ritual commonly known as “Cuffing Season,” say dating experts at

Nov. 5 is when says the official start to “Cuffing Season” begins.

Data shows that the weekend after Halloween is when singles start looking for a seasonal comfort, such as a loved one or significant other.

Experts think that it has to do with weather change, especially when the weather gets colder, because melatonin elevates in the brain.

“With the shortening days of autumn, melatonin elevates in the brain—making people more sluggish and eager to lounge at home, preferably with a sweetheart,” says Match’s chief scientific adviser, Dr. Helen Fisher, “Then testosterone rises in November triggering even more desire to snuggle with a lover. By then, ‘cuffing season’ is in full bloom.”

To further help singles this Cuffing Season, Match paired up with Francesca Hogi, Match’s cuffing season expert and former Survivor contestant, to create the essential guide to “surviving” this upcoming cuffing season:

7 Steps to Survive Cuffing Season According to Francesca Hogi:

  1. Make the 1st move: Don’t be shy about making the 1st move (ladies, we’re looking at you). If you’re interested, send a message!
  2. Re-heat old soup: Remember that one guy you dated for a while, but it sort of just fizzled out? Reach out and see if he’s available.
  3. Prioritize the people who prioritize you: Winter is coming, and there’s no time for games. If you’re an option and not priority, forget it.
  4. Hit your local sports bar: Local sports bar are prime cuffing material spots. Just make sure to wear your favorite team’s jersey to spark conversation.
  5. Be honest about wanting a relationship: Be honest about wanting a relationship so you attract the right people with the same idea!
  6. Up your flirting game: Don’t be shy about flirting. Let them know you’re interested upfront.
  7. Enjoy yourself! Tons of singles are looking for someone special, so it’ll happen.