Mom raises money to pay off school’s lunch debt

Posted at 8:02 PM, Nov 02, 2017

NORFOLK, Va. - A local Mom is taking action to help make sure kids get the hot lunches they need at school. She's hoping to raise more than $400 to pay off the lunch debt for students at Ocean View Elementary.

It all started when Heather DiRocco applied for her kids to have free or reduced lunches. While waiting, their accounts became overdrawn.

"One of our kids came home and said they had this cold cheese sandwich and we're like, what?" said DiRocco.

She said her kids were given two slices of bread and some cheese with a carton of milk.

"That's not enough, they'll be focusing on their tummies growling than they are learning what the teacher's telling them that day," said DiRocco.

She was told by the cafeteria manager about $400 is owed. Students start getting the cheese sandwiches when their account reaches -$5.00. A little math and that equals about 80 students who aren't getting hot lunches.

"I've always believed that if you see something wrong you gotta stop it otherwise you're a part of the problem," said DiRocco.

So she’s taking action with the hopes of eliminating Ocean View Elementary School's lunch debt by setting up a GoFundMe Page.

"My goal is if one person donates at least $5.00 that's one kid who gets three free meals. If 20 people come together, now we just benefited a lot of different students with it," said DiRocco.

Dirocco says she wouldn’t have known about the problem if her kids didn't tell her and can only imagine how many parents aren't aware.

"It's embarrassing admitting you don't have money for that but we're all here for each other and kids are our future."

DiRocco says you can also donate by contacting the school and asking to speak with the cafeteria manager.