Use technology to score the best travel deals

Posted at 7:40 AM, Nov 02, 2017

We all want the best travel deals out there and these tools can help.

Hopper can tell you the cheapest dates to fly. Now they’re stepping it up a notch with a new feature called Flex Watch. It helps you find deals even when you don’t have a specific destination or date in mind.

Start by answering a few questions about where you’d like to go and when. You can be as specific as a city or as general as an entire continent.

Flex Watch then goes to work using artificial intelligence to alert you to potential deals that fit your criteria.

Never overpay at a hotel again when you use Pruvo.

Pruvo monitors the price of a hotel room you book, then notifies you if it goes any lower before your trip.

In just a few clicks, you can rebook your room and save money. The service is free and Pruvo says room prices drop 40 percent of the time. You just have to make sure you book your rooms at a refundable rate to make the magic work.

Finally, for deals from your home airport that sell out fast, join the Fly Club from Hipmunk.

You sign up using Facebook Messenger. Just send a message to their special chat bot with your home city and you’ll get notifications when there’s an amazing deal.

You can also chat with the bot with any travel questions you might have, but mostly you’ll get results dealing with flight and hotel information.

Check them out and happy saving!